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MAUS Stixx Pro 5 - Fire Protection Device

MAUS Stixx Pro 5 - Fire Protection Device

MAUS Stixx Pro 5 (0,5m³)

  • Does not harm electric components.
  • No electricity, no pressure and no battery needed.
  • Protects from 0,1 m³ to 5 m³ (chain connection).
  • 100% non-toxic and environmentally friendly potassium mix.
  • Small and portable size.
  • Activation at a very low temperature 170°C.
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Areas of application:

Outboards (under the hood), in the electrical and battery compartments of motorhomes/caravans, in the electrical panel of an apartment/house, and all other small areas where a fire can occur. These are all important areas to protect against fire.

The technology behind MAUS Stixx Pro

Firefighting technology developed for space travel

The solid consists mainly of a form of potassium compound. Potassium radicals are very active and interrupt the chemical combustion reactions by neutralizing hydrogen, oxygen and hydroxide radicals in the flame. Since aerosols consist of very small particles in a gas, the result is a more effective extinguishing agent than conventional powders. The falling speed of the particles decreases with a smaller diameter as the surface area becomes large in relation to the mass, which means that the air resistance is relatively large in relation to the gravitational force. This results in the particles staying suspended for a longer time and thus contributes to a longer inertia time. This results in better re-ignition protection. The extinguishing effect per unit weight is in the range of 3-10 times more effective than Halon and CO2.


Art no: 1360-1

Protected space: 0,5 m³ / 17,65 ft³

Dimensions: 7,6×7,6×2,2 cm / 3x3x0,9 in

Weight: 130 g / 4,6 oz

Warranty: 5 years (6 year lifespan)

Operational Temperature: -30°C to 70°C / -22°F – 158°F

Discharge Time: 7s

Activation Temperature: 170°C+10°C / 338 °F

Certificate: CE 2829

Product Support

Installation in an electrical substation

  • Turn off the power.
  • Open up the space (if it is an electrical panel, unscrew the cover).
  • Clean the place where MAUS Stixx Pro will be attached.
  • Remove the red self-adhesive protective film from the MAUS Stixx Pro and place the Stixx Pro in the desired location with gentle pressure.
  • Always place the MAUS Stixx Pro at the top of the space and preferably with the ports (holes) facing downwards. Make sure there is 2-3 cm of free space in front of the ports so that the smoke (aerosol) can be easily distributed into the space.
  • If it's in your own property, use the stickers (included in the package) to write in information with a waterproof pen and stick it on the outside of the space. Also, make a note in the calendar five years ahead to remind you when you need to replace the unit.
  • Once the unit is installed and the outer casing (standard cabinet) is back in place, you can turn on the power.
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